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Planting Paperwhites

Debra Redalia

Yesterday when I walked in the door at Carter & Co and saw the sprouting paperwhite bulbs pushing out to become flowers, I was reminded it is time to plant my paper white bulbs.

This is something I have been doing for so many years, I’ve forgotten when I started or why.

But I just love watching the paperwhite bulbs grow and present their flowers, even in the cold days of winter. It reminds me that no matter how cold and bare the world may seem at this moment, life is continuing on and new growth is on its way.

Over the years I have learned that the best way to plant paperwhite narcisssus is actually in a tall vase. If you plant them in a shallow dish, as their stems grow and bloom they fall over. And then you have to tie them up or add some kind of support.

At one time I had a basket with a tall handle and I would put the pot in the basket and then tie the growing stems to the handle as they emerged. This was very beautiful.

But then I started planting them in a tall vase and that is the best method. I can watch them growing and the sides of the vase hold the stems upright.

Three bulbs are plenty to fill a 6”x 10” vase. I also have planted them in rectangular vases which is nice because they line up in a row.

For me, planting paperwhites is something easy to do to celebrate the season. It’s inexpensive (I just bought three bulbs for $5), it’s a bit of nature brought indoors, it celebrates life, and it’s beautiful, it’s seasonal and these bulbs are very easy to grow. And they have a lovely fragrance.

You should be able to find paperwhite bulbs wherever garden supplies are sold.

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