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Popularity of Hallmark TV Movies are a Good Indicator that Viewers are Interested in Love and Nature

Debra Redalia

In Hallmark Channel’s TV movie “A Summer Romance” a city slicker real estate developer leaves abandons his plans to build an industrial resort behind to develop a nature-oriented retreat with ranch owner.


We love them so much because they created stories around messages that are important to us. Characters demonstrate caring relationships, family, community, creativity, thinking for oneself, being authentic, and occasionally even connection with Nature. All in the context of industrial consumer life of course, but occasionally a character will give up city life for love and move to the country.

Last night we watched an exceptionally Lively Hallmark movie called A Summer Romance. It’s playing again tomorrow afternoon at 2:00 Pacific if you want to see it (and there will probably be more replays as well).

The story is predictable. A woman is about to lose her family ranch in Montana after her father dies, and a vscious city slicker comes to swoop in and buy her out and pave it over to build a resort. But a visit not only results in love, but he is entirely transformed by experiencing the cowboy life of caring for animals, home cooking, and sleeping under the stars. Of course in the end he leaves his corporate job and moves to Montana to create a business with her giving other’s the nature retreat he had just experienced.

What makes me smile about all this is that these Hallmark movies and mini-series are incredibly popular. America loves these ideas, and the rating just keep going up and up.

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