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Preparing Our Garden for Planting

Debra Redalia

Our organic garden, just steps outside the front door of our tiny house.

One aspect f lifely products is to make them yourself. In fact, to make the stuff of everyday life from materials obtained in your own ecosystem is the most preferable way to get whatever you need for your life. That was the way it was done for millennia before industrialization.

By making what we need ourselves, we have complete control over the design, the materials and the methods us to make it, and we are in direct contact and interaction with Nature, in which we dwell.

Larry and I spent this past weekend clearing away the remains of last year’s garden and the weeds that had grown over the winter, in preparation for planting our new garden.

Under the overgrowth I found pansies, green onions with flowers where I had planted discarded roots, chives with budding blossoms, borage flowering, and swiss chard still growing leaves I put in my salad after taking the photo.

Here we are making the food we will eat later in the year. All organic, grown in the clean air blowing in from the nearby Pacific Ocean, with compost made from kitchen scraps and water from the well.

This is as Lifely as it gets. I can think of improvements in the gardening methods, but we’re making our food with our own hands, from our own land.

We’ve got a jump start in our garden from plants that survived the winter: swiss chard, edible pansy flowers and rose geranium (wonderful with strawberries!), and mint. Empty barrels are ready for new plants.

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Debra & Larry Redalia
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For more than 30 years we have been delving into the nature and activities of life together. Indeed, this has been and continues to be the very reason we are together. With delight, we research, explore, observe, and even wake each other up in the middle of the night to discuss how life functions and how we can function as life—even while living in the modern world. We each are different from the norm, but we are different in the same way, so we have been able to think outside of the ordinary together and find the extraordinary workings of life.

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