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Protecting Your Health in Our Soon-To-Be Post-Covid World

Debra Redalia

If all goes as planned, here in California we will have full reopening of everything on June 15, after a year of living with covid restraints.

It’s still unclear if and what restraints there will be and for who, but my concern as a individual and a writer is how to live in this post-covid environment.

Larry is now fully vaccinated. Last week he had his second shot and basically spent all week in bed with pain at the site and complete exhaustion. But he’s fine now. I have not been vaccinated and do not plan to get the vaccination.

I just wanted to share with you what we will be doing to continue to protect our health from covid and other possible viruses and contagious illnesses.

For me, the biggest change is that I will stop wearing a mask, but I will continuing the social distancing in public places. I’ll continue to carry a mask in my purse to have it available if I am in a crowd, but I’m not planning to go to crowded places.

The most important thing, in my opinion, is to continue to support my immune system and continue to take Pure Body Liquid Zeolite, which removes heavy metals from my body, supports my immune system, and also has antiviral properties. We may be vaccinated against covid, but there are other viruses in the world.

I’m happy to report that by doing these practices I have not caught covid or the flu or any other contagious disease this past year.

And if we all care for our immune systems, we will live in a safer world.

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