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Real Satisfaction

Debra Redalia

This week I had a deep realization about the true nature of satisfaction.

It occurred while I was testing a recipe for my Wholefood Cuisine blog so I wrote the story there, but I want to share it here with you because it applies to all areas of life.

Here’s what I learned.

There are two levels of satisfaction.

  1. the fulfillment of desires and appetites (of the body).
  2. the fulfillment of one’s most fundamental needs and intentions for survival (of the spirit).

Really, this definition was in the dictionary.

Satisfaction is the fulfillment of one’s most fundamental needs and intention for survival.

So then the question becomes, in any given situation, are we satisfied at all? If we are satisfied, is the satisfaction satisfying a desire or appetite of the body, or is the satisfaction satisfying our most fundamental needs and intentions for survival, which is of the spirit?
This is an interesting new awareness for me, to notice the subtle difference between these two kinds of satisfaction. It’s another way Life guides us in the right direction.

Read the whole story at WHOLEFOOD CUISINE: Why I Didn’t Post This Pumpkin Recipe.

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