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Regenerating Life

Debra Redalia

Trees can be an infinite renewable resource when managed in a sustainable way.

A few days ago I happened to have a conversation with a friend of mine about printing out a pdf.

She was commenting about the use of graphic images and how she wished people who made ebooks would use fewer graphic images so it wouldn’t take so many pieces of paper to print them. I actually agree with that because some ebooks have so much much graphic design that is not relevant to the message that it does take more paper and ink to read the message.

She said that she didn’t want to be using more trees for these unnecessary displays of graphics.

About an hour later—while I was standing in my garden—I suddenly realized that the environmental movement has done a great deal of education about how we humans are depleting resources, so much so that we have the idea that resource on this planet are finite and we should be conserving them at every turn.

Hmmm. That’s not quite right.

What is finite are the parts of Nature used for industry—fossil fuels and metals. When they are used up, they are gone.

But plants and animals are renewable resources, which means they can be used and we can grow more. So we can make paper out of trees and grow more trees.

There are limits to trees and other renewable resources as well, but in a different way. We are limited by the number of trees we can grow on any given piece of land, but we can produce that number of trees over and over, as long as we grow them in a way that continues to regenerate the land. Renewable resources don’t run out as long as we manage the land and also manage the number of people the land provides for.

Standing in my garden, I could see that it would be possible for this piece of land to feed our family year after year if we managed it correctly. And if we ate plants that were suited to our local climate, we wouldn’t have to purchase food at all. We could even raise chickens and eggs if we wanted to.

The big realization for me out of all of this was to see how entrenched we are culturally in thinking we have limited resources.

Now I’m thinking about how I can regenerate life with renewable resources. I now see my human nature as a regenerator of Life and am looking for ways to do that.

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