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Science Shows Wearing a Mask Makes a 50% Reduction in Covid Cases

Debra Redalia

I mentioned this study a few days ago at the end of It’s Up to Us to Protect Ourselves From Covid and End the Pandemic
but then I saw the graph above and wanted to show it to you too. I had to click through several links to get this, so didn’t want to assume you found it.

It’s kind of hard to read this graph, but see there is a red line and a blue line. The red line goes up and up while at the same time, the blue line levels out over time.

There is a very easy-to-understand 6-minute video about this study at Do Masks Matter in Kansas?

Here is their conclusion:

The video explains that only 20 counties out of 108 in Kansas followed the state mask mandate, the others opted out. They could do this because of a political loophole.

If we had a nation-wide mask mandate, or if everyone volunarily wore a mask when in contact with other people, our case numbers and deaths would go way down.

On this blog we are talking about things that support life. This is one. It’s the number one threat to human life at the moment. This is something everyone can do.

Note that no mention is made of the type of mask. All that is needed is a “mask.” You don’t need to even buy a mask. Use a bandana or whatever you have.

Please do this and tell others.

Regardless of what the government does or doesn’t do, we as individuals can turn this pandemic around.

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