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Seeing Nature More Deeply

Debra Redalia

Raspberries in our garden.

I would say that I have more awareness of nature than the average person.

Over the weekend I had three experiences that surprised and delighted me as I began to be even more aware of nature in new ways.

It started on Friday evening. Larry and I had been watching national news on TV and I just didn’t want to watch it any more.

I went outside and walked to the end of the lane.

And at that corner I was surprised to find a large patch of jasmine plants abundantly in bloom. I could smell their sweet fragrance as I approached. I just wanted to lay my body down in the flowers and be immersed in jasmine. These flowers quickly lifted my spirits and I thought, “With all the human problems going on in the world tonight, these jasmine flowers are still blooming, they are still here, they are still being beautiful.”

Then on Saturday morning Larry and I were out and about. As we turned off the main road on the street that leads to our house, I suddenly saw a tree trunk. Now that tree trunk has been there every day since I moved here, and before, but suddenly I saw it differently.

It was a TREE TRUNK. It was THERE. And not only was it there, I suddenly became aware of the whole entire TREE. I perceived the roots going deep into the earth, and the powerful energy of the earth shooting upwards through the roots into the trunk and bursting out through the branches into the leaves. And as we continued to drive down the road, I perceived each tree with that same aliveness, actually feeling the aliveness of the ecosystem I was passing through in a way i hadn’t experienced before.

Then on Saturday afternoon Larry and I were working in our garden and we noticed that quite a number of raspberries on our raspberry canes were turning red. We examined them and chose two that we thought were the ripest. The moment I put this raspberry in my mouth it burst into an intensity of flavor way beyond anything I have ever experienced from any food. The flavor was so clear and sweet and raspberry x 100! It was amazing.

In comparison to the mass produced organic raspberries I buy at local stores, these garden raspberries were a million times better in terms of flavor and aliveness.

It made me want to grow more food in my garden and eat as much garden food as I possibly can, direct from Nature.

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