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SHIFT: Setting Up For Success

Debra Redalia

When I have big shifts happen in my life, I like to write about them here because we are living in a time where big shifts need to happen and I want to show that even though there are times when it seems like the sky is falling and we are on a roller coaster ride, in fact, we are making forward progress to something better.

And this is why I don’t even try to have a regular schedule for this blog because when these things happen, I just need to give them priority as movements of life—like earthquakes and hurricanes—and not try fight them because of a schedule.

I Have Started Writing a Book and Am Learning to Be a Publisher

The big intentional change I made that put this shift in motion was I decided to really learn to be a publisher of books.

I have been keeping journals since high school and writing books since my early twenties. I have self-published some and some have been published, but I wasn’t satisfied with any of the experiences. And the entire publishing world has changed and is continuing to change.

I wanted to write a whole series of books on our lifely subjects because there are things I need and want to say that can’t fit into a blog post and are important enough to be a book. When I started The Lifely Group my plan was to create courses because they are popular now, but as I began to research how to create blogs, I just found no joy it doing so. I just had no motivation to do it month after month. I finally realized that I didn't want to create information delivery that is dependent on sitting in front of a computer that requires a lifeline to industrialization..

I am a writer of books!

I have to make books printed on paper that you can hold in your hand so readers can go sit under a tree and read them and the knowledge will still be here whether the internet continues to exist or not.

But I was frustrated because I had only limited knowledge of how to publish and market books and the whole field had changed and everything was different.

Larry and I have been working on a book together for about a year. We get together and discuss it every Friday. We go to the beach and take a long walk and then sit in the car in the fresh salt air and talk about the book with the seagulls flying overhead. And then during the week I do the writing and the next week we go over it and move forward.

Sometime in maybe January, I did a search about front matter in books and came across a page where the information was explain really clearly. So I signed up for their newsletter and began receiving emails.

In March there was something about a publishing course and I called about it. As I was talking with the representative I knew this was exactly what I needed. It was just so clear to me.

So I signed up. It was thousands of dollars that I didn’t have but I could pay in five payments. If I gave them all the money I had I could make the first payment, so I did, with full confidence the money would show up from somewhere for the other payments (and by the time it was time to make the second payment, it did, and money for the third payment is on it's way).

But I couldn’t start the self-study course right away because I was in the middle of other projects. So the month of April was all about finishing up other things (and doing my taxes) so I could really put the writing of this book first.

In the meanwhile, I studied the course and learned some things about writing books I didn’t know before. I attending coaching calls and got to know my coach and some of the other writer-publishers.

And then finally, last week, on Wednesday I spent the entire day actually writing my book. It was glorious! It was exhilarating! It was so right to be doing this!

And then...

Major Unexpected Problems Showed Up

On Thursday morning, Larry and I went out to the car to go do an errand and it wouldn’t start. This is now the second time our Prius has not started just out of the blue. This had just happened a couple of months ago (see Small Town, Big Help). Now we had no car.

So I went to my office to get to work and there was no internet. I had been having problems with my internet off and on for a couple of months and usually, all I had to do was restart it. But that day when I called I was told there was a major problem and then had to put in a new cable!

The funny thing about this was that very morning I had been saying to Larry that there was too much chaos in our space and I hadn’t had time to finish organizing everything after our move.

And now I had a whole day available since I couldn’t do any work without my internet. And I did make some major progress on bringing order to my office.

On Friday Larry decided to ask his sister if he could borrow her car. Now this car had just been sitting there for two years not being driven because it needed to be registered and smogged. So we took the car down to the DMV and paid the back registration and late fees and took it to get the smog test, but it wouldn’t pass! It was 4:00 on Friday afternoon and no smog tests are open over the weekend, so we couldn’t drive that car either.

Coming Out the Other Side

Some interesting things have come of this.

  1. Larry and I were forced to ride our tandem bike to do errands in town because we had no car. And that was great. We got back to riding our bike after many months of not riding over the winter. I also had purchased a small electric bike and had not yet learned to ride it. But it really saved us because Larry could ride it and so was able to easily ride it to do errands like buy food for us and go to the credit union.
  2. We are helping Larry’s sister get her car all fixed so she can drive it (she's been driving Mom's car).
  3. My internet is now fixed with an upgraded cable and all the problems I had been having with slow speed are gone. It is now lightning fast.
  4. I have a lot more order in my office and while I am not completely done with that, I have discarded things I no longer need and have ideas on how to move forward with this to have a totally orderly and efficient office space.
  5. I found a lot of notes for this book that I needed.
  6. I am all set up now to work on my book "full speed ahead.”
  7. Things are all lining up for me to be able to write and publish and market as many books as I want.

As I write this on Sunday morning we still don’t have a car but I know everything will work out.

After all, I’ve shifted and therefore everything will shift for the better.

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