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Shopping on Etsy

Debra Redalia

Linen robe I bought on Etsy (mine is a different color)

A few weeks ago I made a purchase on Etsy. I just received it a few days ago and am so happy with it, I wanted to tell you about it.

I’ve been shopping more online lately because I just can’t find anything I want in stores. More often than not I come home frustrated and empty-handed, and then I order it online and it comes right to my PO Box. It didn’t used to be this way, but it’s the way it is now with the pandemic. I have to buy things sight-unseen and I have to wait, but I have been getting what I need and want…eventually.

I had been wanting a linen robe to wear around the house since I moved here three years ago. Just a simple kimono robe with a tie and patch pockets.

I finally went to the Etsy website, typed in "linen robe" and my size and I got a lot of options.

I chose one from LinenAndFlowers. I got the one in the photo to the left but mine is a beautiful cornflower blue and I got the optional patch pockets.

It was just as nice as I wanted it to be. The linen was the perfect weight, the color was right, it fit perfectly. I am totally happy.

One thing I like about shopping on Etsy is the makers are making everything by hand, custom for me, often at home. You can communicate directly with the artisan and often they will work with you to make whatever you want, since usually they are making it just for you anyway. You have to wait while they make it and wait while it’s shipped, but in the end I got exactly what I wanted, with a handwritten thank you note in the pocket.

My one caution about Etsy is to check the country where the items are being made. I never never order from China because I have ordered Chinese products before and they all smelled like gasoline. This robe had a very slight fragrance of natural flowers that washed right out, so it wasn’t a problem.

Part of our lifely purpose is to support artisan businesses and handmade products. I would love it most if this seamstress was closer to me, but I was happy to be supporting her handwork even though she was sewing for me in Russia. Countries of origin are always listed, so you can choose where you are willing to have your products come from. While I don’t like Russian politics, what I’m supporting is a small woman-owned cottage industry, like mine here in the USA.

Also, because I can communicate directly with the maker I can find out more about materials that I usually can from a manufacturer.

So I’m going to be shopping more on Etsy, at least for now, until I have more local handcrafted products to choose from. I often go to local craft fairs, but they don’t have everything I need yet.

Right now the marketplace isn't perfect, but we can do the best we can while envisioning and taking next steps toward the ideal as they become available.

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