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Slow Design With Artisan Handcrafts From Around the World

Debra Redalia

Source: Obakki

I found the link to Obakki on Remodelista and clicked through.

While there are many artisans and many handcrafters in the world, this website has done an exceptional job of bringing them together and making a lifestyle of what they call “slow design.” 

We’ve connected with artisan groups from around the globe to preserve and honour traditional artistry, and we love the idea of limited edition, small-batch homewares that can be admired for a very long time.

We believe in knowing the origin of the products we buy, as well as the impact of our consumption—not only on the environment, but also on the communities and individuals that create them.

From homewares created in partnership with like-minded co-ops to goods sourced from global artisans who share our ethos, every Obakki product reflects our values of sustainability, traceability and ethical production.

We source ethical, high-quality products from traditional artisans and rural co-ops that are experts in their given fields. These partnerships offer good trading practices while providing creators with global market access.

We have authentic connections with all of our producers—we know them, their families and their communities.

Through these partnerships, we ensure sustainability, integrity, and respect while helping to preserve, promote and protect indigenous artisan craft.

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This is the opposite of industrialization.

I want to show you this as an example of lifely principles.

I would love to see artisans in each local area hand-making products such as these and selling them locally.

And I would like to see even a one-page writeup on each of the products and the artisans who make them. I’m interested in how these products are sustainable.

But I’ll take this as a first step in the right direction.

While looking around this website I found an American business they are partnering with to make apparel. And that turned out to be Groceries Apparel.

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