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Spring Cleaning Delux

Larry Redalia

Just a couple days ago I saw an example of a spring cleaning that really impressed me.

It was not on TV or on my computer or my phone.

It was in our yard under a beautiful pink flowering crabapple tree.

Under this beautiful tree we have a concrete birdbath set up on a pedestal. It has been raining off and on for several days, so the birdbath was full of fresh pure rainwater. The rains had also knocked down a great many gorgeous pink flower petals some of which were floating in the water of the birdbath.

I thought to myself, "It sure would be nice to take a bath there and get all clean in the rainwater and flower petals."

Instantly a young spring robin flew down and landed on the edge of the birdbath, looked around and proceeded to take a bath in the flower scented rain-water. He looked like he was thoroughly enjoying this spring cleaning experience. I know I was quite happy watching him splash around in the flower water. Eventually, he fluffed up his feathers and flew into a bush with red berries for a snack.

I marveled to myself at how this robin had just had a truly incredible spring cleaning experience. I also saw this was probably how the custom of using flower petals in the bath had started, naturally.

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