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Stargazing on Winter Solstice

Debra Redalia

The Night Time planet locator at will help you find any planet you want to view for any night of the year. Use it to help you view the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on around winter solstice. I love this and am going to start stargazing more now that I have this.

Today is Winter Solstice, which makes tonight the longest night of the year.

This year the Winter Solstice is especially special because on this very day there is a “great conjunction" of the planets Jupiter and Saturn in the sky. Tthe two planets will almost touch in the sky. Both planets will be at 0 degrees Aquarius from 20 through 24 December. Larry and I plan to go out tonight to see this.

Stargazing is a wonderful way to experience the universe any night of the year, but tonight it will be particularly special.

Here’s a cool map that tells you what planets are visible in your local night sky each night and how to find them.

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