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Taking Our New Photographs Made Me More Aware of How the Sun Lights Up Our Day

Debra Redalia

When Larry and I decided to upgrade The Lifely Group websites, one of the first things on the list was to have professional photographs taken. For the most part we were using miscellaneous photographs that were taken with cell phone cameras in different times and places. It was all we had at the time.

But then with covid shutdowns I thought I would not be able to hire a photographer.

I was trying to figure out what to do when I received an email from Groupon, offering photographic services. The services being offered were in Florida, where I used to live, but it gave me the idea that perhaps photographers were available and I could get the photographs I wanted.

So I went online and searched for local photographers and a site came up.

The first listing was for Natural Portraits and Events. After describing what they do there was a little graphic that said

“Oh!" I thought. “That’s the photographer for us!”

I contacted him and he was able to come to us the following day for an outdoor photo shoot on our property.

It was the best photo shoot ever.

Every photo we took was lighted either with natural sunshine or the lovely diffused light that comes into my office through high windows around noon. Norm knew exactly where to place our bodies in relation to the sunbeams to get certain effects. He would look at the light and then tells us stand here, stand there and we would step into pools of light.

The whole experience made me much more aware of how the sun lights up my day as it moves across the sky. From moment to moment light falls differently, shadows are in different places.

This morning as we were driving out I suddenly noticed a small fir tree about twenty feet high, right in front of us through the window. “Look!” I exclaimed. “There’s a Christmas tree right there on our property!” I wondered why I had never seen that tree before, after driving down this very lane at least once or twice a day for the past 1200 or so days we have been living here. But at that moment, subbeams were shining right through it, filling every every branch with light.

My world and all of nature around me literally “lit up” that day.

And that light is in every one of our new photographs.

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