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The End of the Pandemic—A Personal Shift

Debra Redalia

Just as a butterfly shelters-in-place in it’s cocoon and then emerges and flies in all it’s glory, so to are we emerging from our shelter-in-place with the opportunity to discover new aspects of ourselves and create a new lives.

The week before last, I had a major personal shift. I struggled to write about it and thought I had a finished post, but it didn’t feel right. Now I see there was more to the story, so here it is now.

On 29 April, I had a stunning realization: the industrial news organizations were broadcasting death. Every day we were getting reports of ever-increasing numbers of cases and numbers of deaths. And we are told how horrible this is and it’s all very dramatically reported in the new media. But they didn’t ever tell us how many of those stricken with the virus had recovered. [In fact, most sources of covid-19 statics didn’t include the recovery statistics, though we did find one source in particular that did.]

The thing is, this constant barrage of bad news about the pandemic only reinforces it. Because what we put our attention on is what happens.

At that time the news was telling us “The only thing that will end the pandemic and return life to normal is for 2/3 of the population to get the virus and become immune or for a vaccine to be developed.”

“No!” I said to myself. “There is another way!”

If we put our attention on health and healing, we will heal. It really is as simple as that.

And if a great number of people put their attention on health and healing, the pandemic would end.

This made me feel awake and bright. I wrote in my journal, “I feel like I’m waking up from the pandemic!” and “I am not the pandemic!!!"

I wasn’t quite sure how to get a great number of people to put their attention on health and healing, but I did what I knew I could do.

I wrote to my friend M, told her my realization, and said,

I intend the pandemic is over. Health and life are restored around the world. Would you agree with me on this?


And she wrote back. “YES YES YES!”

Then I told Larry about this and he said yes too.

So three of us agreed the pandemic is over and health and life are restored around the world.

The next day I told my friend C. So now four of us agreed the pandemic is over and health and life are restored around the world.

After I told C, I fell asleep for a couple of hours. I just laid down for a few minutes for a quick rest, and the next thing I knew two hours had passed.

When I woke up I gradually felt more and more aware on a new level.

I wrote in my journal...

“I am bigger than the pandemic”

“I can control it.”

“I can end it.”

And I drew a picture of a big circle that was me and a very small circle inside that was the pandemic.  


I burst out laughing and laughing. I had absolutely no fear about the pandemic or the outcome or my safety. Since that day, I do feel truly free from the fear of the pandemic. I still wash my hands and carry my face mask when I go out, but those are physical actions. As a being I am so fearlesss about this now, I so frequently forget to put on my face mask Larry now takes responsibility for handing it to me as we get out of the car. I just have no attention on it.

And what happened in my life was the next day I suddenly had more power and clarity and energy to work on my websites. I worked on Wholefood Cuisine for 15 hours straight and sent out an announcement via email. I’ve been wanting to do this blog since I moved to California two-and-a-half years ago, and suddenly I was able to finish it enough to make it live.

I also announced that I would be offering a course on how those who are diabetic and overweight can eat a high carb diet.

I had a major breakthrough on creating guidelines for choosing lifely products.

I had a major breakthrough about having the ability to draw images to illustrate my writing with pictures and flow charts and diagrams.

Larry and I both received our government stimulus checks (after weeks of delay).

I did a lot of cleanup of my office, discarding old materials I no longer needed, bringing in boxes from storage and going through them—all oriented toward letting go of the past and preparing for the future.

And on 8 May, while talking with my friend C about the mismanagement of this pandemic by our government, I realized there is something I can do about that. I actually am descended from nine patriots of the American Revolution. I qualify to belong to the Daughters of the American Revolution but never joined. I have all the paperwork done that documents my ancestry, I just need to join. By joining I can align with them on their efforts to educate the public about the principles on which America was founded. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for years. I emailed them to start the process.

I’ve been sleeping well, eating well, my mind is clear and my fingers are typing as fast as I can think, without errors.

ALL of my attention is on creating the future as fast as I can.

I noticed this week that a shift had occurred in the world too. I didn’t need to get a million signatures on a petition to end the pandemic. I and three friends agreed the pandemic is over. And then I heard that the hospital ship that had been sent to New York was going back to its home port because it was no longer needed. Temporary hospitals that had been set up for overflow were also packing up and closing. My governor announced that the State of California would start to open this week. Our local redwood forest opened to locals so we could go walk in the forest again. And on 8 May, we finally say a big story on the national news about 300 covid-19 patients in one hospital who had recovered.

There has been a shift. Yes, we are still battling the virus in some places. but in other places, we’re coming back to life.

I can see there is a process happening here in the entire world and the outcome will be a greater good. Things will be different. We’re not going back to how things were before. We’re moving forward.

Larry and I started The Lifely Group because we knew the industrial society we were living in wouldn’t last. Industrial society can’t last because it’s based on money and not on sustaining life. So we are prepared. We know what’s possible for the future. On a global level there is a planetary shift going on that can clearly be observed by anyone who looks for it:

* From body-centered to spirit-centered: There is an awakening of awareness of the existence of spirit and a growing exploration of the role of spirit in daily life and human activities. See THE LIFELY GROUP: Spirits Bright  


* From industrial-based society to Life-based society: There are a multitude of creative efforts underway to design human activity in in accordance with life and spiritual principles.  


* Outer-determined to inner-determined: Whether on the level of organization, power, or authority, the trend is moving to self-determined individuals, families, businesses, communities, local governments and other life units.  


* From separateness to wholeness: Recognition of the fundamental wholeness and interconnectedness of all aspects of Life.  


* From mechanical to living systems: There is a shift from models of the world, organizations, and human experience based on the mechanistic systems of science to perspectives and approaches based on the principles that guide living systems.  


* From greed and scarcity to sharing and abundance: There is a change from values, perspectives, and approaches based on greed and scarcity of resources to those based on abundance and sharing of resources in a way that all are provided for.  


* From competition to partnership and teamwork: There is shift from relationships, organizational models, and societal strategies based on competition to those based on cooperation, agreement, nonviolence, and greatest good.


These are only some of the changes that are already emerging in various ways, though there doesn’t seem to be a term yet that we are aware of that encompasses all of them as a whole. But they are all included in our lifely viewpoint.

We’ve spent the past year establishing websites and planning the future. We thought we’d have more time and we’d have to figure out how to break through structures of industrialization.

But the future is here now. The industrial order is crumbling around us in every way.

Though the covid-19 pandemic may not be completely over in the world-at-large, it’s over in my world and bit by bit it is ending in the lives of others as well.

From here on, now, we will be working on communicating basic principles of Life and how we can use them in our lives, businesses, communities, governments, and every aspect of life around the world. We’re so excited about this! You come too.

Welcome to Lifely!

Quite simply, this blog is about orienting ourselves and our lives to Life, instead of orienting ourselves and our lives to industrial consumerism. Here we are sharing our own journey. You come too. Read more...

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