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The Importance of Importances

Debra Redalia

This week I’m working intensively on completing The Lifely Group website over the Thanksgiving holiday, so i can go live with it early next week.

Given this short deadline, I’m finding myself looking at what is most important to do this week, and what can be put off until later or eliminated entirely.

With that in mind, for example, I made a simplified version of Thanksgiving dinner for Larry and I that had only the dishes that were most important to me:

* my family mashed potato “salad” with vinegar, red onions, parsley and hard-boiled egg added (all organic)
* gravy for the mashed potatoes (purchased)
* organic green beans with butter and wild chatarelle mushrooms (instead of the traditional casserole)
* heirloom organic pumpkin custard with organic whipped cream and huge raisins from the farmer’s market

It took a lot less time, so I had more time to write and lay out web pages.

I’m not against Thanksgiving feasts. I have made many over the years, loved every minute of preparation, and they were well loved by all. But this year, doing that was not the most imporrtant thing, and Larry agreed, so we had a simple meal. The food was fabulous and reflected our needs and our place. It was good.

There were other things too that I eliminated or re-arranged to give myself more time to work.

The word important has an interesting definition with regards to being lifely: "of great significance or value; likely to have a profound effect on success, survival, or well-being.”

Those are pretty strong words. All possible things one might spend their time or energy on are not equal in the eyes of importance. Importantance favors things that will have “a profound effect on success, survival, or well-being.”

And so finishing my website is more importance than having a holiday. I can give gratitude without the meal our industrialized society expects.

Working on getting The Lifely Group website ready to go live is more important than making a big Thanksgiving dinner because it will a profound effect on the success of our new work and the results on benefitting Life.

Writing this post is more important than watching TV because it has a profound effect on my survival and the survival of others and the planet.

Eating my whole organic food instead of the holiday foods is important to me because it has a profound effect on keep my well-being by keeping my blood sugar down.

We all make choices all day long. Ultimately our future and the survival of life itself depends on each of making choices to do the important things in our lives.

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