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The Integration of Human and Nature—The Gardens at Les Quatre Vents

Debra Redalia

You’ll get an idea of these gardens from watching this trailer,
but it is well worth watching the entire documentary. Watch the full 1:24 documentary
FREE online at Tubi, or if you have Amazon Prime you can watch it on television. Amazing, amazing, amazing.


[The Gardens at Les Quatre Vents] is a whole way of being and existing through Nature.
— from the documentary film “The Gardener."


Two nights ago Larry and I found and watched the documentary The Gardener on Amazon Prime.
It was just a perfect example of what Lifely is all about.

Single-handedly, this man envisioned and installed a number of intertwined gardens integrated into the natural ecosystem where he lived, enhancing the beauty and functionality of the place instead of damaging it.

The creator, Francis Higginson Cabot loved gardens and had the advantage of inheriting the land and wealth with which he could create whatever he could imagine. But that’s not the point. Anything he did can be done on a small scale any place by anyone.

It is clear to me that the problem with industrialization is that is based in materialism, which has no soul. And so industrialized man can only think in terms of the material. But Mr. Cabot clearly is living as a soul, bringing his creativity to enhance the ecosystem in which he lives, exalting it and making it more beautiful in every direction.

In addition, he also has restored and supports the traditional lifeways of the place, buying up farms and land as they became available over the years, to preserve the life of the place.

I am today in the midst of writing about what defines a Lifely product. The very most Lifely product would be one where the ecosystem is intact, the humans are integrated producing food and clothing and the other stuff of life with skilled hand work and simple tools, all the while maintaining the integrity of the ecosystem. While I was watching this I was thinking of sweaters and blankets made from local flocks of sheep, hand knitted. Indeed, this is exactly how humans lived prior to machines making everything we use.

Watch this film and see our Lifely philosophy in action. It all starts with each one of us seeing ourselves as humans integrated in Nature, as all species are, and not separate from it.

Watch the full 1:24 documentary FREE online at Tubi, or if you have Amazon Prime you can watch it on television. Amazing, amazing, amazing.

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