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The Lustiness of Spring

Debra Redalia

There are words in our language, which describe qualities of Nature, that we don't often use, I believe, because we don't understand the meaning of these words and we don't see ourselves as part of Nature. "Lusty" is one of those words.

But since everything about our being alive has to do with the fact that we are beings of Spirit dwelling in the physical world of Nature, one of our natural, innate qualities is lustiness.

When we think of "lusty" we immediately make an association with the word "lust." While in our culture we generally take a negative view of "lust" as "usually intense or unbridled sexual desire," in fact, there are other definitions than this in my dictionary. Definition #1, which is obsolete, is about pleasure and delight, and definition #3 is about enthusiasm and eagerness.

"Lusty" has its own separate set of definitions.

To be lusty is also about being passionate, but it is merry and joyous as well.

To be lusty is to be full of strength and vitality, healthy, and vigorous, as in "a young, lusty, growing country".

To be lusty is to be hearty and robust, as in "a lusty beef stew".

To be lusty is to be enthusiastic and rousing, as in "a lusty rendition of the song".

In short, to be lusty is to be excitingly alive.

And, by the way, the word "lusty" came first. The word "lust" associated with passion didn't happen until 100 years later.

All Nature exists on lustiness -- that creative force that makes all things new. It is lustiness that makes flowers grow and rabbits reproduce. It is lustiness that creates health in our bodies by driving our cells to reproduce and our blood to flow. That same lustiness compels us to start new businesses, build houses, and change the world. Just as the force of lustiness makes the sap rise in trees and flowers bloom in the Spring, so too does our "sap" rise as the lustiness of Nature seeks to express itself through our physical expression.

Lustiness is the force of Life itself that is present in every living being, including each one of us. The more we allow ourselves to experience lustiness, the more alive we will be.

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