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The Natural Spring in Downtown Shasta

Debra Redalia

The snowpack on Mount Shasta, in Northern California, provides pristine spring water to all in the area.


Until 1987, the only water I had ever drunk was tap water or bottled water or water from not-very-sophisticated water filters.

And then, I learned that the town of Mt Shasta, California, had—and still has—a public spring! One of my clients brought me a bottle of water that she had filled directly from that source. Now you can purchase spring water in a bottle at almost any store, but that water goes through a bottling plant, so while it still has its minerals, it’s not quite as alive.

This water had just been taken from the spring hours before so it was almost like drinking it from the source.


The Sacredness of Spring Water

In times past, springs were considered sacred for their life-giving water. This is not just conjecture.

In its full cycle, water falls to the Earth as precipitation and drains through the soil (rapidly cooling while sinking deeper and deeper) until it reaches a certain level. Then, warmed by the Earth’s heat, the water rises up from the depths of the earth, growing into life-giving water as it is vitalized with various metals, salts, and gases, and finally bubbles to the surface as a spring.

Spring water is the water Nature intends for us to drink.

Our Visit to the Shasta Spring

In the summer of 2019, Larry and I finally visited the spring in Mt. Shasta City Park. When we went, I took many photos of the spring and Larry perched on rocks filling water bottles, and the water fountain with pure spring water right downtown, but those photos were lost in my computer along the way. And I could not find photos online that really showed the what it was like to be there.

But just the experience of being there, drinking the fresh water in our cupped hands as it flowed from the rocks, at the base of the mountain from which the water flowed, gave us a reality on what water really is in its natural state that we will never forget.

Where to Find A Spring

Springs can be found all over the world.

Find a Spring is an environmental conservation foundation committed to ensuring springs are appreciated and protected. Visit their website to find a spring near you or one you might like to visit.

If you don't have access to natural spring water, the next best thing is to filter and revitalize your tap water with a countertop, undersink, or whole house filter from PureEffect.


This is not the spring at Mt Shasta, but I wanted to use this picture because it depicts the spiritual sacredness of spring water rising from deep within the earth and bursting into the light

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