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The Nature of Progress

Debra Redalia


1. Forward or onward movement toward a destination
2. Development, advancement, or improvement toward a goal

For the past couple of weeks we have been experiencing a change of season, from winter to spring.

But it doesn’t happen abruptly. The temperature doesn’t shift all in one day.

Instead, we have what I call “intermittent weather” where one day it’s cold and the next day it’s warm and you never know when you wake up in the morning which one it’s going to be.

Though this same pattern happens at the change of every season, for me it’s particularly striking from winter to spring because we are going from cold and barren and dark to vibrant flowering springtime. So it’s easy to see one daffodil pop up followed by the rest, and one tree suddenly appear in bloom against a grey sky.

Watching spring unfold day by day reminded me that all progress happens this way.

Right now winter is giving way to spring and I can see evidence of both side-by-side and day-by-day.

In the same way, our old industrialized world is giving way to the future lifely world. We see evidence of both as we look around, and see lifely emerging more and more each day. Because it’s happening so slowly it can be more difficult to see, but it’s happening.

Just as surely as winter turns to spring, so too will everything else that is in progress come to pass.

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