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The Night a Tree Didn't Fall on Us, the Day a Hurricane Didn’t Hit Our House, and Other Times We Were Safe When the World Around Us Was Not

Debra Redalia

Larry and I survived the magnitude 6.9 Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989, mist a wide-are of destruction.

I was prompted to write this by a conversation I had this morning, with a friend I have known for many years.

She remembered something I had written years ago when I was living in Florida, about redirecting hurricanes. Which Larry and I did. During one of the hurricanes we experienced while living there, a powerful hurricane was forecast to hit us directly. We were ordered to evacuate but decided the best place for us was right in our own home. Many other local residents evacuated to a county to the east. We sat and watched the hurricane approach on TV, and just at the last minute it veered east and hit all our neighbors who had evacuated.

She asked me about rerouting other natural disasters and specifically, could I reroute an earthquake, which was her greatest concern since she lives in San Francisco and a once-every-100-years magnitude earthquake was now 15 years overdue.

I told her that since rerouting the hurricane I had realized that I didn’t want to interfere with whatever Mother Nature felt she needed to do to keep balance on the Earth. And now my intent is to be safe and out of harm’s way, regardless of natural disasters that may be nearby.

I have reason to believe I can be safe. One New Year’s Eve when Larry and I were living in a forest, a 200-foot fir tree came crashing down on our house, right on our bedroom, right on our bed. If it wasn’t New Year’s Eve, it would have landed right on us, and I may have not been here now to write this story.

In 1989 Larry and I survived the magnitude 6.9 Loma Prieta earthquake, which killed 67 people and caused more than $5 billion in damage. Though our lives were disrupted, we were not hurt at all, nor was our property. I remember an oft-repeated news clip that showed a block of the San Francisco Marina neighborhood burning, approaching an apartment building I used to live in. The jolt was so powerful, freeway overpasses fell down and a section of the Bay Bridge collapsed on to the lower level. It was the largest earthquake in the San Francisco area since the famous 1906 earthquake. Yet we were not hurt, even being in the midst of it.

We have now lived through four wildfire seasons. And while we have had problems with smoke, which we were able to escape, the fires never came in our direction. This while some nearby areas have burned two or three times during the same time period.

We aren’t just “lucky.” We fully intend to be safe and sound in any emergency. We are not afraid. We are prepared.

So even though we are all living in a world right now of extraordinary chaos and uncertainty, so far so good here. And we expect to come through this and continue to create a new world based in Life, regardless of what happens around us.

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