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The Power of Not Accepting Something That Just Isn’t Right

Debra Redalia

This post is part of Larry’s Spectacular Birthday Trip:

For Larry’s birthday, I had reserved a “cabin” in a campground/RV park.

This was the first time I had ever reserved a cabin and chose the deluxe cabin with a deck around it because it was Larry’s birthday.

When we arrived we found that the cabin was simply a box with a roof and two beds inside.

There was electricity but no water.

Toilets and coin-operated showers were “nearby” but when we went to investigate we found that the facility for our cabin was being remodeled. There was no shower at all, the toilet was a porta-potty and the sink was a hose. There was no hot water available to wash our hands after using the porta-potty.

There was a working facility on the property but it was so far from our cabin we would have to drive there to use it.

This is not what we were expecting.

Since they did not give refunds, we had to decide whether to stay for two nights under these unacceptable conditions, or check out and lose the money we had paid. This was a difficult decision to make because we had already allocated money for this trip and it didn't include paying twice as much or more for accomodations. We didn't know how much more we might have to pay for hotel rooms or if any would even be available at the last minute.

It didn’t take us long to decide that the principle was more important than the money. Even though we would have to spend more money now for hotels for these two nights, we just couldn’t accept the way we were being treated.

So we took the leap-of-faith and went back to registration and told them we were checking out and why. And they didn’t see any problem with the circumstances at all.

Apparently cabins don’t come with water or toilets or sinks or showers. But their website doesn’t say that. After we came home, I looked on other websites that rent campground cabins and their descriptions say “toilets and showers nearby.” The website didn’t say “no water.” Had we known this we could have brought water.

We are disputing this charge with our credit card company and I expect the charge will be reversed.

But then an interesting thing happened. We had no other problems of any kind for the entire trip.

We were able to find a hotel room in nearby Fort Bragg within minutes at a lower rate.

The second night we found [a spectacular room on a cliff overlooking the ocean]=(link to wharf masters inn post).

The total for these two rooms was less than two nights in the cabin.

We don’t have to accept things that aren’t right just because doing something else may be difficult or cost more money or whatever. When we reject something that is wrong, a change happens within us and things start going right.

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