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The Return of Gloves

Debra Redalia

Since learning from Dr. David Price that the most important factor for preventing transmission of covid-19 is to not get the virus on your hands, I’ve suddenly been a lot more aware of what I have been touching and wondering if the virus is on those surfaces.

It seems to me the most prudent thing would be to simply wear gloves all the time when I am out.

But a really don’t like those disposable plastic gloves.

Then at my local organic market, I saw a woman wearing reusable, washable dishwashing gloves. I bought a pair, but they seemed too cumbersome.

And then I remembered my great-aunt Louise always wore gloves when she went out. She had many pairs of cotton gloves, all white, but cut in different styles around the cuff, some with beads sewn on, others with embroidery. And I wondered, what ever happened to gloves?

It seems that gloves have been around for a long time to protect the hands. Indeed, it may very well be in the days before hand sanitizers gloves were worn for sanitary purposes as well has to protect the skin from damage while working.

I found that white cotton gloves are not difficult to find, nor are they expensive. Nowadays they are used to treat dry hands, for inspection of coins and jewelry, and any use where you want to protect your hands or the object you are touching.

Here are some washable, reusable cotton gloves to choose from.

In today’s world it might just be a good idea to wear gloves out in public, even beyond the pandemic. But since the pandemic is expected to continue for a while, I’m going to get some white cotton gloves now.

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