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The Ultimate Emergency Preparedness: A Tiny House You Can Drive Away

Debra Redalia

Since we've been talking about emergency preparedness after the fire evacuation, I wanted to wrap that up by getting our Tiny House Toxic Free blog live, Because having your own house on wheels that you can drive away at a moment's notice is the ultimate in emergency preparedness, as well as being a resource-efficient way to live that is in alignment with lifely principles.

I did a big push to get the website live this past week because not having the blog available to write about our progress has actually been slowing our progress, I have about ten posts in various stages of doneness. I finished and posted four, and the others will follow soon. Then I will be up to present time and new posts will come as we make progress.

We've done all the demolition now and are moving into design and building phase. This is the fun part! We've already started shopping for materials.

Come see!
Tiny House Toxic Free

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