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Tracking Covid-19 in your Country, State, Across the USA, and Around the World

Debra Redalia

This morning I found a very helpful tool that I want to share with you.

It is provided by The New York Times. You need to create an account to access it, but it’s free and you don’t need to subscribe.

NEW YORK TIMES Coronavirus Map: Tracking the Global Outbreak

For every state in the USA, there is a page with a map and a case count. But further it gives cases and deaths by county both in actual numbers and per 100,000 people. Plus a bar graph updated daily that shows if cases are increasing or lessening.

Here’s my bar graph for Sonoma County, California, where I live.

It shows me there have been 115 cases, which is 23 per 100,000 population. And only one death, which is less than one per 100,000 population. The bar graph shows the growth rate is becoming less and less.

This information is important to me because we are being given orders to follow that are general for everywhere, yet conditions are not the same everywhere. With this data I can better judge the risk and how careful I need to be.

Compare the numbers and graph for Sonoma County to New York City. Obviously those in New York need to be a lot more careful.

I think it’s good to know the numbers and the rate of growth or decline so we can make our own decisions for protection accordingly.

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