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We're Getting Ready to Vote Early

Debra Redalia

This year it's more important than ever to vote, as every vote could make a difference between four more years of the same or the opportunity to restore democracy and move forward.

Larry and I spent most of the day last Sunday reading our voter handbook and discussing our state propositions.

Now we need to study the candidates.

I wanted to give you a great resource we found online: 

COMMON CAUSE: Find Your Representatives

Just enter your street address, click SUBMIT, and you will get a complete list of everyone who represents you at every level, from the President to your county Supervisor, with a phone number and link to their website homepage.

Now you know who to communicate with if you have something to say.

Our next step is to study all our representatives and see if we want to keep them or vote for someone new.

Even if you’ve never voted before, please join us in voting this year. Now is the time. Our future depends on it.

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