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Whirlwind: When Life Picks You Up and Puts You Down in the Place You Intended—VERY FAST

Debra Redalia

Off to Oz we go!


The way it goes in Life is when we decide we want to be something—like a student at a particular school, or a mother or a ballet dancer or a chef—we embark upon a course and things begin to happen in that direction as a result of walking that particular path. As we take each step and learn more and more, we gain new abilities and understandings. We go, for example, from not being able to read music notation or knowing what the keys are on a piano, to having the ability to read music effortlessly and being able to play a complex piece of music flawlessly.

As Larry and I walk our Lifely path, things have been changing for us.

But this past month—and especially this past week—things have been changing very rapidly, more rapidly than I have ever experienced before.

So I just want to catch everyone up here with what has happened. Because things have progressed.

Sunday, 28 February :: Larry and I Moved Out of the Industrial Factory-Built House We Had Been Living In for 3 1/2 Years

We had been living in Larry’s Mom’s house with her and two of Larry’s siblings, and moved out into our new home, which includes our tiny-house-in-progress, with an additional storage room with bathroom and my office.

We thought we were just going to sleep in the tiny house and have more room to sort through our things and reduce our possessions.

It took an entire week to move everything and we finished on 5 March.

Little did we know what was about to happen.

Saturday, 6 March :: We Spend Two Weeks Away on a Writing Retreat

We went to our Utopia, where we were in a remote rugged area of Northern California.

We spent a lot of time out in Nature, and a lot of time working on a book we are writing about human nature.

We got through a lot of barriers we had encountered, mostly by deeply examining the definitions of words.

By the end of this time, we had written the first chapter and had a much better understanding of ourselves as human beings and how we fit in the world.

In the midst of this, we had a three-day adventure when Larry’s car broke down

In also hade an experience where I found that my body was a lot stronger than I thought, and opened to the idea that my body could be more able than I previously was aware of. I had the thought, “Either I can be limited by my body’s limitations or I can command my body to be unlimited in its ability.”

On our drive home, we decided to take a different route, down Highway 1 along a stretch we had never driven before. It was the first time we had decided to take a route to explore where we might live next. And we found a little town that excited both of us as we drove through. [We’re going back to explore more for Larry’s birthday next week.]

Monday, 22 March :: We Arrive Home and Start Living our “Life Beyond Industrialization"

I had commissioned artwork for the book we are working on and the finished version arrived when we got home. It was such a powerful rendition of how I think of myself as a human being that I had to print it out and put it on the wall in my office and in our bedroom in the tiny house.

And the very next day, so many things went wrong that I labeled the event “a convergence of upsets.”

And then, the next day I started getting emails from readers telling me how much they love my new work.

A few days later I went to my chiropractor and told him I wanted to stop taking my prescription meds and asked for help doing that. He referred me to a local clinic. [Skipping ahead, they responded and said they could help me do this and it was all covered by my Medicare. As I write this I’m waiting for an appointment to be scheduled.]

More big realizations as we continued to work on the book.

Saturday, 27 March :: I Had a Big Realization about Communication

One of the problems Larry and I are sorting out has to do with communication.

As Larry’s body is aging, he is having more and more difficulty with his hearing, and also difficulty sorting out a workable solution.

And so sometimes just the mechanics of our communication is difficult. Not that we can’t communicate, but often he can’t hear me or I can’t hear him because of how he is speaking.

I just got frustrated that morning and out of that frustration, I realized there are a number of pieces of communication, one of them being the mechanics of getting the message from A to B. Like email might not be delivered or a person can’t hear what the other person is saying.

I actually drew out a whole diagram about the parts of communication and could see different points at which a communication could break down.

While I still have more to work out about this before it is ready for presentation, the result of this new awareness really opened up the whole subject of communication for me. I could now look at it and see what was working and where the problems are and how to correct them, not just for myself and Larry, but for the world at large.

And so communication really opened up for me. Like barriers about communication just were no longer there.

At the same time, this week Larry was working on fixing up our new bathroom next to the storage room. To have my own functioning bathroom was significant after 3 1/2 years of not having my own bathroom and having to carry everything—even my toothbrush— into a shared bathroom.

Sunday, 28 March :: I Had a Big Realization about Lifely Products

Since I started this blog in June 2019 I have been wanting to write about products that would meet a new Lifely criteria. But I was having difficulty figure out what this criteria was.

Starting on Sunday I began to have realizations about this that I was writing down.

Then mid-week I received an email from a product that I had known about and recommended in the past and was already considering to recommend as a Lifely product. The email presented the product in such a way that I knew I needed to write about them as soon as possible, but I needed the criteria first.

Overnight on the morning of 4 April I had a realization with the last piece I needed to establish the criteria, so now all I need to do is write out the criteria and I can start evaluating and writing about Lifely products.

Monday, 29 March :: The Right Course on Self-Publishing Appeared and I Signed Up for It

I have written many books, both self-published and published by others. Last year I decided that I want to self-publish and that I want to make books, and not courses.

I know how to write books, and my whole career about nontoxic products started with a self-published book. But forty years later times have changed and publishing has changed and I didn’t know all the new requirements.

I had been looking for help and it just appeared in the form of a course that is exactly what I need in every way. I had the money for the down payment and trusted that the remainder would arrive in time as needed for the payments.

This is a huge thing for me because it opens my ability to communicate lifely concepts widely in the world.

And even now, before books are written, i can envision them moving out on communication lines around the world, doing good.

Tuesday, 30 March :: Insurance Claim Settles on My Broken Kneecap from Last Summer

Last summer I broke my knee and an insurance claim was opened.

Now, nine months later, the settlement offer finally came through. I still need to go through the closing process, but…

I signed up for my self-publishing course and the money appeared the very next day.

Thursday, 1 April :: I Started Setting Up Laws of Life on The Lifely Group website

The whole foundation of our work with all the websites of The Lifely Group are the Laws of Life, also known as the Laws of Nature.

These are the laws all of Life runs on. We humans should know, understand and be able to live by these laws, but most humans don’t even know the exist.

We have been studying them for more than thirty years, so we know a lot about them, but writing them has been an impossible task.

And then suddenly, I had the ability to write them. And wanted to write them. It was time.

And I am working on having a first batch ready in time for Earth Day.

Friday, 2 April :: I Received Clarity on the Subject of Our New Book

Every Friday, Larry and I go to our favorite beach, go for a walk, and work on writing our book.

Last Friday, I was walking a short distance from the car to the ladies room and I passed by two women talking about 20 feet away.

As I approached I could hear they were talking, but it was muffled. But when I got to the spot where I was nearest to them, I suddenly heard the words “human nature” very distinctly.

I walked on and didn’t hear any more.

But when I went back to the car I told Larry what had happened and we looked up the definition of human nature online. According to Wikipedia, “it is "the fundamental dispositions and characteristics—including ways of thinking, feeling, and acting—that humans are said to have naturally. The term is often used to denote the essence of humankind, or what it 'means' to be human.

This is the exact subject of our book! We didn’t know there was a whole defined field on this subject. And I am sure that what we observe will be different than what others have written.

When I saw this definition, I suddenly experienced being part of a recognized field that, indeed, has been a part of every human culture. What are we as humans? What is our place in life? How should we live? How should we relate to each other?

We are exploring all these questions and more from our lifely viewpoint. And now we know what are doing in universal, applicable to every human everywhere.

Saturday, 3 April :: I Received Clarity on How To Fund Our Work

Like every other endeavor, our work needs to be funded, somehow, from somewhere.

But we wanted to do something different from the industrial model. We’re not aiming for maximum possible richness, we just intend to create sufficient income to meet our needs living our simple life. Most important is to have the funds needed to continue to establish and expand our message into the world.

Our intent is for this activity to be self-supporting.

A few nights ago, a vision of what to do finally came—how we could be funded and how to make that happen.

On Saturday I got caught up on my bookkeeping, starting filling out the form for my 2020 taxes, and looked at how much money and known income we have out into the future.

It became clear that we do need to establish funding in order to continue and expand. It’s time to do the things that need to be done to make that happen now.

Sunday, 4 April :: Ready to Move Forward

Whew! So much so fast!

We’ve definitely landed in a new place.

Our new level of awareness has resulted in new manifestations in life, right in alignment with what we need.


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