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Windy Days

Debra Redalia

See below for info about this image.


Last night it was very windy here. Larry and I were lying in bed commenting on how windy it was. We checked a local news show to get the weather report, but they really didn't give any information about our particular place.

So we turned to the Beauford Wind Scale, which allows you to estimate wind speed by observing the effects of the wind on trees.


Leaves rustled: 4-7 mph

Small twigs moving: 8-12 mph

Dust and papers blowing by: 12-18 mph

Small trees begin to sway: 19-24 mph

Branches on the large oaks in motion: 25-31 mph

Whole trees swaying: 32-38 mph

Twigs and branches breaking and flying through the air: 39-46 mph GALE FORCE!


We definitely had twigs and branches breaking so we had at least gale force wind. The news said some higher elevations had winds up to 78 mph. More winds are forecast for the next few days.

There is also a great resource for current and forecast wind conditions at What is cool about this website is that it shows real-time wind in motion over land and sea, so  you can see where your local wind is coming from and where it is going,

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I keep a journal and one of the things I do is search the internet to find pictures that relate to what is going on in my life. One day I was searching for a picture of a windy day and found the picture above. I love this picture so much that I actually have it sitting on my desktop and open it every windy day, just to acknowledge the wind. Lots of information about the weather too. And you can overlay rain, thunder, clouds, wave, air quality, and more.

What I love about it is the wind lifting the girl aloft and helping her to fly, but also that the "spirit" of the girl is depicted and it is much larger than her body.

I looked for the source of this picture and it turned out to be from a charming children's book called Like a Windy Day by Frank Asch. What is amazing about this book is it is written from the viewpoint of the wind!

Imagine if you were the wind. You could be powerful and mischievous, stormy and playful. What fun you could have sailing boats, stealing hats, flying kites, and driving clouds and rain across the sky! Tumble and twirl, flide and soar with a little girl on a windy day adventure, as she experiences all that the wind is and does.


And throughout the book, the pictures have the "spirit" of the girl being the wind, doing what the wind does.

This book is part of a series of books by the author about "nature adventures." May he write many more. Our children need to read books like this. They need to imagine themselves as wind and water and stars and trees. We all need to imagine ourselves as nature and experience nature at work. Wow. I just love these books.



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