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World Cooperation

Debra Redalia

A few days ago, Queen Elizabeth gave a moving speech to the UK about getting through the covid-19 pandemic.

Though these are difficult times for us now, I thought of the Queen and many others who endured World War II. As we are sheltering-in-place and walking around with wearing masks, I remind myself it could be worse. At least we don’t have planes flying overhead dropping bombs and destroying our cities.

If anyone on the planet today knows, the Queen at age 93 has been through more than her share of world conflicts and has come through them. For me, she is a living example that difficulties do end and life goes on.

My favorite part of the speech was this:

While we have faced challenges before, this one is different. This time, we join with all nations across the globe in a common endeavor using the great advances of science and our instinctive compassion to heal. We will succeed, and that success will belong to every one of us.

Yes, this challenge is different. This time we are not fighting other nations, we are joining together with other nations in a cooperative effort for Life. And when we collectively win this battle with Covid-19, we will have set a foundation for further co-operation.

Indeed, the gift of covid-19 may finally be Peace on Earth.

We will have an opportunity now to continue this cooperation into the future and strengthen it.

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